David Coote


Age: 34
Height: 1,81m
Hair: None. Coote has been bald for most of his adult life.
Eyes: Blue.
Skin: White. He has a birthmark on his chest, bearly visible over his butchers apron.

In combat he wields a huge sword that Duncan purchased for him in Casablanca.
He fights like the butcher he is, using his knowledge to cleave through flech and bone with all the accuracy of a professional. He is not cruel, however, making sure that his opponent dies as quickly and painlessly as possible.


David Coote is strong-willed and can come off as crude to those who do not know him. Those who do know him to be a loyal friend who is as kind as the day is long, if maybe a little to fond of drink.

There was never any doubt how David would make his living. Like his father and grandfather before him he is a butcher. He loves his work and he could not imagine doing anything else.

At least until the soldiers came. He now serves as the ships cook and surgeon.

David Coote

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