John Allen

Young, enthusiastic and eager.


Age: 19
Height: 1,62 m.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Skin: White. John Allen is quite pale, earning him quite a few nicknames as a child.

John will fight with cold determination, when ordered to do so. He prefers to keep his distance using a rifle or muskett.


Back before the soldiers attacked his home, John lived a safe, sheltered life. As the mayor’s son he enjoyed a priveliged life, never wanting for anything.
This could easily have spoiled a young boy but not John Allen.
John was always kind, well-mannered and helpful, making him a favourite amongst the adults. The children were not always as kind to the “golden boy” but their teasing never turned cruel and John was always included in whatever the others were doing.

John’s mother died in childbirth, leaving it to his father to raise him. John’s father, Matthew, gave his son unconditional love, a good moral compass and passion for politics. Watching his father govern his town for years, earning the respect of the townspeople through good times and bad, made John decide to follow in his footsteps from a very early age.

John studied hard to achieve his ambition, absorbing book after book in his father’s library, often reading until the sun came up. As such his knowledge of history, philosophy and politics is formidable for a 19 year old.

John is not perfect though. The final part of John’s education was a source of unending frustration for his father; taking command. even the simplest of decitions can leave John pondering for hours, trying to decide what action to take. Matthew never gave up however. He put John to work as his clerk, giving him access to every aspect of his work as mayor. He hoped that this would give John the experience and confidence he would need when he someday would take the mayors seat.

During the attack on the village Matthew and John lost sight of each other when the firsst broadside hit and when the Coin’s Edge set sail, John realized that he was without his father for the first time in his life.

Unable to cope with the fact that his father is probably dead, he has convinced himself that his father survived and is certain that God will bring them together again one day.

His current position as cabin-boy on board suits him just fine, being able to observe without the burden of responsibility.

John Allen

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