A mysterious alchemist who helped the players in casablanca.


Mzee is a quiet man, easy to overlook in a room were it not for his taste in clothes.

He wears red and purple-colored clothes that cover his entire body. He hides his face behind a black veil, showing only his eyes making it all but impossible to guess his age and physical features.

He is a master alchemist, enjoying great respect in such circles.

He is member of an order that protects secret known as “The Acashic Trail” or “Trials” depending on the translation. It is a path that is said to lead to an unimaginable power.

Mzee crossed paths with the players in Casablanca, after being stranded there on his way to Portugal. He was then asked to judge the alchemists who were scheduled to gather later that week to present their latest inventions and concoctions.

Mzee was startled when he saw the young britain who had stumbled upon a terrible secret, guarded closely by alchemists. The young man was one Vernus MacAggy. When the other judges learned that Vernus was not a proper alchemist they pushed for his execution in order to keep the terrible weapon he had created out of unworthy hands.

Mzee saw the work of fate, however, and worked behind the scenes to save Vernus from his fate by having him put to the test so that Vernus could become a proper alchemist.
Vernus survived the test (again with a little help from Mzee) and in return he and Duncan told Mzee of how they had followed the compass to Portugal and discovered a temple that, after solving its riddle, somehow realigned the compass.

Vernus told Mzee that the plant he used to produce the weapon that almost got him killed grew freely in the vicinity of the temple.

Mzee was now convinced that Duncan and Vernus had stumbled onto the path leading to The Acashic Trials and decided to help them as much he could. After all, these two young men were obviously destined to walk the path.

He provided Vernus with a few alchemical books and various equipment to help him develop his alchemical skills.

Mzee also provided Duncan and Vernus with information that allowed them to steal the Commonwealth Seal and escape Casablanca under the nose of captain Maynard.

Mzee´s current whereabouts are unknown.


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