"Pumzi Ya Uhai Na Kifo"

A beatiful orchid with red and purple flowers.


The plant has several unique properties, some discovered by Vernus:

  • The top of the plant (the flower itself) can be crushed and used to stop bleedings, cure rashes and mild (1st degree) burns. The mixture also serves as a mild sedative.
  • The root of the plant on the other hand contains an extremely dangerous poison. When the root comes into contact with air it produces a slick, see-though substance that is slightly acidic. If the root touches naked skin it will burn through the outermost lair of skin and introduce the poison into the victims body. It will then cause the victim to suffer horrific hallucinations, and increase its blood-pressure and heart-rate until the victim dies from a heart-attack. People suffering from the hallucination turn extremely violent and will attack anyone in the vicinity, be they friend or foe.

The Pumzi Ya Uhai Na Kifo (translated: The Breath of Life and Death) is a beautiful plant that can thrive almost anywhere provided the temperature never reaches freezing.

Mzee´s order uses the plant to mark places of significance.

"Pumzi Ya Uhai Na Kifo"

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