Rayleigh´s Compass

A compass with no marked directions.


The compass is made from an unknown material.
It is a shiny, dark silvery color and has no markings of any kind.
It has a rectangular base with a small disc embedded. The compass´ needle is thin and points unwavering in one direction.


The players discovered the compass inside a chest Rayleigh had hidden away in the captains quarters of The Coins Edge.

At the time the compass pointed almost due south, but as they travelled further south the needle shifted further and further east.

Owing to a storm The Coins Edge had to make landfall to make some repairs and almost by accident discovered that the compass pointed to a location right outside of the village at which they had landed. The compass led them to an underground temple where they found a globe that realigned the compass to another location.

Mzee told the players that according to legend the travelers on The Acashic Trail would be led by a guide, and that he believed that Rayleigh´s compass was that guide.

Rayleigh´s Compass

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