The Magnetic Orb

A highly magnetic orb submerged in mercury.


A orb made of an unidentified metal.

The orb is roughly 20 cm in diameter, smooth to the touch and a dull, grey color.
The orb is highly magnetic and is difficult to handle unless proper precautions are taken.
Submerging the orb in mercury will suppress the magnetic effect enough to make transport unproblematic.

It is not known if the stone has any other properties or uses beyond its magnetism.

PS: Unless the orb is tethered to the bottom of whatever container used to transport it, the orb will float on the mercury.


The players found the orb hidden inside the wall of a shipwreck off the coast of Spain.
It was placed there by pirates who used the orbĀ“s magnetism to disrupt the ships compass, and thus causing it to get lost in the areas persistent fog-banks.

The pirates would place the orb in a container and fill it with mercury. The container was then hidden on the unlucky vessel, and a small hole was punched in the container. This would cause the mercury to leak out slowly and not uncover the orb before the ship was well clear of the coast.

The pirates would then use their own compass (which would point in the direction of the orb) to hone in on its prize lost in the fog.

The players turned the tables on the pirates by placing the orb in a light-boat and placing it in tow a good 30 yards behind The Coins Edge. This allowed them to get the drop on the pirates and defeating them after a relatively short battle.

Vernus brought an orb with him for further study.

The Magnetic Orb

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