The Akashic Trail

Also known as “the path to all knovledge”, The Akashic Trail is shrouded in mystery. Those who have spent years tying to learn what it is cannot even agree on the name. Depending on the translation the original name can be interpreted as both “The Akashic Trail” and “The Akashic Trial”.

The players learned of The Trail in Casablanca by an alchemist named Mzee.

Apparently Mzee is part of an order dedicated to unravelling the mystery of The Akashic Trail and he has dedicated his life to studying what little information exists. When meeting the players Mzee was startled to learn that not only had they gained entry to the Portugal temple (long believed to be the only known waypoint of The Trail) but even solved its riddle and possibly discovered the location of another waypoint!

He decided that it was worth the risk of exposing the secret, telling the players what he knew:

Mzee first heard the story from his master and has since dedicated his life in his search for The Path. Most Alchemics agree that The Trail leads to a source of great wisdom. Mzee told the players that he believed that it might be materials and knowledge believed lost when the great library of Alexandria was destroyed. What drives most alchemic scholars to search for The Trail is the fact that several old sources states that at the end of the trail lies “power beyond imagination”. Rather worryingly, the same sources say that The Trail is guarded by demons and nightmares beyond human comprehention.
It is said that those who walk the Trail are nudged onto it by fate and that it is impossible to leave the Trail alive. As grim as this sounds, several sources mention a “guide” or “pathfinder” that will lead the travelers to the Trails end. Mzee believes that Rayleigh´s Compass to be this guide.
One puzzling aspect of The Trail is that it is said that it is not undertaken by individuals but by generations.

The players have only Mzee´s word that The Akashic Trail even exists but the compass and the Portugal temple was definitely connected somehow and they are now following the compass into african waters.

The Akashic Trail

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